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Home Storage Ideas

Jul 12, 2019 | Closets and Storage

Organization for the Garage

Our garages can become a “catch-all” place for toys, bikes, holiday decorations, and other items rarely used or that don’t fit on a shelf in the house. This often creates such an overcrowded
space that the family cars cannot be parked out of the elements. Understandably we need storage for all our stuff but we want to utilize the garage for the intended use. There is a solution, Closets & Storage by Owings.
If your garage is packed with too many unnecessary items such as, multiple yard care tools, old sports equipment, outdated bikes, or toys it’s time to take stock. Remove everything from your garage and begin the sorting process by placing items in piles; trash, donations, and what you truly want to keep. This visual will help determine how much additional garage space you actually need.

Before Garage Storage

Once this exercise is complete it’s time to maximize your garage space. Several options are available to create an efficient and functional garage such as; vertical storage cabinets, shelving units, bike racks and pegboards for hanging items. These storage options can keep items off the floor and easily available for use.  Closets and Storage by Owings has a variety of shelving and cabinet sizes and styles to create a clean and clutter-free garage environment.

Mudrooms and Laundry Storage

For a less cluttered look, you can choose a selection of cabinetry like the one below with many compartments hidden behind floor-to-ceiling Press and Release doors. Very clean and contemporary and the custom-built cubbies allow for a quick grab-and-go helping to organize your busy family.

Or the mudroom/laundry can allow for all members to enter the first floor, dump the book bags, kick off the shoes and hang their coats before moving into the family gathering areas. Our custom cubbies keep the clutter away from areas where guests are entertained. For convenience, the washer and dryer are installed in this same area allowing the soiled clothing from the high school football game to be tossed where it can be laundered easily.  If you want to keep it clean and tidy Closets and Storage by Owings can design it for your individual family needs.