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Modern Barn Door Bathroom Ideas

Nov 1, 2019 | Bathroom

interior frosted glass bathroom barn door

Barn Door Bathroom Privacy

We have included several modern barn door bathroom ideas in this post. The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your home.  Most people visit this room 6-8 times a day and that can equal approximately 2500 times a year.  Wouldn’t you say that you probably start your and end your day by visiting the bathroom?   We know it is one of the most personal, private rooms in the house.   You may wonder will a barn door provide you with the privacy you need for your bathroom?  We believe that it will offer the boundaries needed for your comfort while supplying your home with a trendy style and a space-saving option.

bathroom barn door from master bedroom

Locks for Barn Door Bathrooms

According to designers sliding barn doors are very popular today. You may ask; “Can they be locked?”  When purchasing a barn door or fabricating a custom one a self-latching lock can be installed to provide the assurance of privacy.  Even though the door slides in lieu of swings you do not have to trade privacy for style.  The locks can be installed on the inside or outside or both.  Barn doors are popular for their style but also use in compact areas.   No need to sacrifice your privacy for space-saving since you can install a self-latching lock on your bathroom barn door.

Barn Doors Space Saving Design

Small bathrooms require careful design.  All your fixtures need to be selected to fit the space available and yet reflect your personal style.  We have found that many times an extra bathroom is needed in a home especially with a growing family.  The question often asked, “where will it fit”?  Our designers have expertise in bathroom design and will help create a functional bathroom for you within a limited space.

One trendy design choice for a cramped, limited space can be a barn door.  The traditional swinging door will typically need nine feet or more to function.  In a limited space, nine feet for a door can be a waste of space.  A sliding barn door can be just the solution. No space is needed on the inside of the room allowing design space for the room’s intended purpose. You do need to consider the adjacent wall space outside of the room for the door to slide when opened.

A modern barn door bathroom idea to consider is mirrored on one side and voila’ you have added a full-length mirror to your design without requiring wall space.  This can be especially functional in a master bath that is incorporated into a master suite design.  The door can provide a full-length mirror whether it is slid open or closed for taking a final appearance check.  Including a slider barn door in your master bathroom design can also give your master suite a grand look and when open the illusion of a larger space.

Barn Door Shower Doors

Another great use for a barn door is for your shower door.   Old-time shower doors with metal tracks can be difficult to clean and an eye-sore.  The new modern sliding shower door offers the same function without the ugly metal track.  Barn doors sport stunning hardware that is showcased for all to see is and installed at the top of the shower door.  You can select a frosted glass barn door or clear glass.  This contemporary look works perfectly in transitional, modern and minimalist styles.

glass barn door for shower

Choosing to include a barn door in your bathroom design will take the average and somewhat boring look of a swing door and offer the texture and beauty of glass or stylish rich textured wood-look.  A barn door can create an exciting new look for your master bedroom suite or hallway.  Take a look at our bathroom gallery for more bathroom design ideas. Also, check out this blog post Barn Doors Functional and Stylish.

A Few Barn Door Ideas for the Home