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Modern Kitchen Remodel

Jan 18, 2023 | Kitchen, Modern

Bright white cabinetry and countertops to reflect light

Modern Design For Family Living

modern kitchen remodel

This client purchased a mid-century home built in the early 70s and wanted to update it for their growing family. Tucked into a beautiful six-acre wooded lot their home was located in a great school district and offered the family the privacy they desired. The remodel would not change the existing tree-house feel with the many windows and view of the beautiful landscape.
A modern kitchen was their first priority and the removal of the wall brought separation from the dining room. Taking the wall out offered the small, dark, and cramped kitchen a new lease on life. Reconfiguring the cabinets, countertops, and appliances to an “L” shape design gave this family the space they needed without disturbing the mid-century windows. A new pantry was also added offering much-needed storage space.
A load-bearing post that was inside the wall had to be removed and needed to be incorporated into the design plan. Due to the connection with the natural wood beam that ran from the front to the back of the house, it was decided to keep the post. Located at the end of the new navy island the post was beautifully married to the stained wood ceiling beam. Note the same clean connection to the wood beam with the exhaust hood. Hardwood flooring was updated to match the flooring throughout and all of it was refinished to bring a cohesive look.

A wonderfully updated modern kitchen in a unique mid-century modern home keeping the look and feel of the original yet allowing for this young family to live their lives comfortably in this millennium.

Before Remodel

Interior Design Styles

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Contemporary Interior Remodel

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Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

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