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Modern Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Inspire Your Upgrade

Your bathroom should be the most relaxing space in your home. Bathrooms have come a long way in recent years with vanity upgrades, the reemergence of claw-foot tubs, frameless glass shower doors, and more. The ideas to modernize your bathroom are nearly endless! We’ve compiled some of our favorites for you with a focus on vanities. Get ready to be inspired!

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Looking for a modern style that isn’t cookie-cutter in the slightest? We’ve got you covered! Your bathroom vanity should excel in both form and function. In other words, it should be useful and easy on the eyes. Here are some ideas for bathroom vanities that are eye-catching and perfect for holding all of your essentials:

Upcycled vintage furniture

This one is definitely unique, and you may have the perfect piece in your home already! A sturdy dresser made of solid wood is an excellent choice. The dresser should fit into your vanity space and be able to support a full sink and faucet. This is one project that requires some DIY-ing or professional assistance, but the payoff is worth it!

Arts and Crafts-inspired Vanities

If you’d like to capture a unique style without having to DIY, look for an Arts and Crafts-inspired piece. These vanities often feature straight lines, high-quality construction, and smooth countertops. Despite its origin in the late 19th century, the Arts and Crafts’ focus on simplicity feels very fresh and modern in today’s world of maximization. You can pair these pieces with round, frameless mirrors for an even more contemporary feel.

For a more personalized look, go for a custom bathroom remodel. You’ll love seeing your vision brought completely to life!

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Bathrooms

You don’t have to sacrifice style to modernize your small bathroom’s vanity. The key here is to focus on fit and storage. You’ll find vanities in a variety of sizes, even as small as 18 inches. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you may want to consider a built-to-fit model or corner vanity.  Freestanding and floating vanities offer a clearer line of sight, making your bathroom appear larger.

As you look for storage solutions, keep an eye out for vanities with an open shelf at the bottom and pull out drawers. You may also consider building open shelves into the walls to store towels as well if you need additional space.

Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Double vanities can work for smaller bathrooms and provide additional functionality. Let’s face it; most of us share our bathrooms, and an additional sink is always nice! As double vanities have become more popular, manufacturers have expanded the available options for style and size. You may want to explore some of these options to find your ideal double bathroom vanity:

  • Completely open shelving
  • Mixed drawers including swing and pull out
  • Vessel sinks
  • Exposed plumbing
  • Mix and match sinks for contrast

If you can’t find the right double vanity for your space, you can always use two free-standing single vanities for a similar effect.

Looking for more ideas to inspire your bathroom upgrade? Then, be sure to check out this gorgeous master bedroom suite remodel. You can also reach out to our building experts for a free consultation, no strings attached.