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Small Bathroom Ideas

Jan 7, 2019 | Bathroom

Small Bathroom Design

If you have a small bathroom do not fear! There are ways to make your space work for you. We have compiled a few tips to help you create a layout that is functional and beautiful. Your small bathroom can be all you need it to be without breaking down a wall or expanding the footprint of your home.

Small bathrooms are perfect for a minimalist design. By keeping the items inside to the bare minimum the negative space available will highlight the selections chosen. Ultra modern or Japanese are some of the styles that fit perfectly.

When working with the design of a small bathroom you want to acquire every bit of function out of the space, so that your bathroom meets all of your family’s needs. You can hire a designer to help you plan your space and many do just that, but here are some tips that you can include in your small bathroom project to offer optimum use and function with limited space.

  • A tub that sits inside the shower
  • Floating vanity & toilet
  • Design vertically (vertical lines can be a trick to make space seem larger)
  • Put storage everywhere

Other options for your small bathroom are over the door towel racks and space-saving ladders. Also mounting the towel bar on the shower door can keep your towels handy and offers a space-saving choice.

Vanities Can Make the Difference

When limited in space the vanity, one of the larger fixtures in the room, can make all the difference in whether your small bathroom is efficient and functional.

One choice is a rounded vanity. This can sometimes offer the bathroom a safer option by eliminating the pointed corners inhibiting damage to legs and hips when trying to maneuver in a small space.

Float the vanity to offer a look of extra space under the fixture. Most floating vanities have drawers or shelves, but items can be placed in the open area below as a home for baskets with towels, hair dryers and such.

An age-old remedy can be to choose a pedestal sink. The pedestal sink designs are even better today with many offering one shelf for holding toilet paper, soaps or towels. Consider a wall-mounted faucet to eliminate the need for extra depth to your pedestal sink and allowing for a narrower vanity which can free up extra square feet. A narrow shelf can be incorporated with a pedestal sink to offer some storage and countertop.

Trough sinks which are wall hung are also a possibility that eliminates the bulkiness of cabinetry.

Showers for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms need all the elements of a roomier bathroom, just in less space. Designing your small bath can be challenging, whether it’s an update of an existing one, or installing another needed bath in the present footprint of your home. Some considerations include; appearance, how it will function, the type of fixtures, type of storage area and lastly, most importantly – how much space is available. When every inch counts, you might want to consider getting professional design help from the design staff at a local remodeler.

Check out this small bathroom transformation in historic Ellicott City MD. The small bathroom was updated to meet the needs of our client and increase the aesthetics for this busy professional’s weekend home.

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