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Self Sustaining Residential Green Building

“Off The Grid” Cottage

This homeowner, an environmentalist, required a house that met their “green living” requirements.  The architect designed a 2800 square foot, sustainable custom home with a basement, two bedrooms, one bath, and carport.

The goal of this project was to help save the environment by use of self-sustaining products and systems. Solar panels are the main source of energy and many materials used on the project are recycled and/or recyclable.  A Clivus Multrum composting toilet and greywater system was also installed to further make this cottage “green”. The vegetation of the landscape designed by Natural Resources Design includes a no-mow lawn and plants indigenous to the area, that is being supplied nutrition through rainwater and the irrigation system mentioned above.

This modern cottage style home is of a simple architectural design.  The large windows give the homeowner maximum enjoyment of the beautiful park-like landscape from inside the home and the welcomed natural light.   By intentionally situating the house in a specific direction the homeowner takes advantage of the best natural sunlight for warming and cooling of the interior.  This cottage does not have an air conditioning system, but cross ventilation was included in the planning. Solar powered radiant floor heat was also included to warm the first floor.

The interior design includes Eco Timber non-toxic wood bamboo flooring and Low VOC paint, natural walnut wood countertops from Craft Art and wood Koch cabinets.  A simple and functional design for getting back to the basics and cooperating with nature.  Check out her testimony below.