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Small Bathroom Tricks

Oct 28, 2020 | Bathroom

Tricks to Expand Small Bathrooms

Are you trying to make your small bathroom look spacious?  You can do this with minimal changes and trick the eye to think there is more with less.  We will offer you some tricks to create a beautiful and functional small bathroom that feels larger and relaxing.  You don’t have to break the bank with these ideas or remove any walls and some of these tricks can be a DIY opportunity.


If you have a window in your small bathroom you are ahead of the game.  Natural light brightens the space and can change the appearance making it seem larger.  If you don’t have a window consider a skylight and bathe the room in sunshine!  An option for a window covering could be bottom-up shades which give the room privacy but allow light to enter at the top of the window or consider translucent shades.


Paint the walls, trim, and ceiling the same neutral color, and choose your wall and floor tile that is similar.  You can incorporate texture like embossed wallpaper, faux painting, natural stone and wood to make the bathroom interesting even when keeping a monochromatic theme.  Fixtures often come in neutral colors and will fit nicely with this look.  Keeping a neutral uniform color or tone on tone will give the impression of a larger room.  Neutral colors include shades of white, beige and gray hues. Tip:  All white never goes out of style.


Choosing the same color theme helps toward the seamless look.  Also transitioning seamlessly from one surface to the next such as tile and paint can give a cleaner, uninterrupted look for the eye and keeps the room from looking divided into sections.  Large floor and wall tiles can give an impression of a larger space especially when floor to ceiling.  Installing the tile horizontally will make a narrow bathroom seem larger.  In keeping with a seamless design choose clear glass shower walls and doors in lieu of shower curtains.  By doing this the bathroom doesn’t look partitioned and gives the eye more to take in.


Mirrors are great light reflectors.  Having a large vanity mirror across from a window will double your light and expand what the eye sees giving an illusion of another window.  Perhaps fill an entire wall with a mirrored surface enlarging the space even if you do not have a window.  Just make the view reflected something interesting.


By utilizing space in the wall between studs you can create depth and won’t clutter your small bathroom vanity.  Recessed shelves or niches can offer a space for towels, toiletries, and even your electric toothbrush and razor.  This option also adds to the seamless design.

Remodel Your Small Bathroom

We shared some easy to do tricks to make your small bathroom seem larger but there are some other options if you are willing to do a little remodeling.  These bathroom remodeling options won’t break the bank like expanding the bathroom into another room but will be a little more costly than paint, tile, and mirrors.


The beauty of this style of sink is its minimalist design.  There isn’t a cabinet and instead there’s a slender pedestal that the sink bowl rests upon. Also pedestal sinks do not have a countertop and include just enough room for the faucet and soap.  If your room is truly tiny than you can find a place to add a recessed niche or shelf to store your under-the-sink items.


Suspending the vanity to the wall leaves floor space creating an illusion of airiness.  Homeowners can also purchase floating toilets where the bowl is the only thing showing in the room and the tank is behind the wall.  These styles are awesome for giving a clean and clutter-free look.


The wet room is an up and coming style when dealing with minimal space.  What is a wet room?  They incorporate the free-standing bathtub within the walk-in shower.  This enables one square foot area to house two needed fixtures giving extra room for a linen cabinet or more open floor and wall space.


Curbless showers without a door can be an expansive idea trick for opening up a small bathroom.  If your space is too small to entertain this idea (water splash) then opt for a clear glass wall and door.


Bright lighting can make all the difference in any room of the house but especially in a small bathroom. Well chosen and placed lighting can make the room look larger.  Good lighting in a bathroom is necessary for much of what you do like shaving, make-up, and hairstyling.

Bathroom Necessities

Every bathroom needs the same three things: toilet, shower/bath, and sink.  Most require some type of storage for toiletries, cleaning supplies, and towels.  Mirrors and towel bars are a must!  That said, you cannot cut corners by eliminating any of these items. You can create a minimalistic design and de-clutter giving your small bathroom an expansive look.  Or create the illusion of space with some of these small bathroom tricks.


  • Natural Light – Include plenty of natural light.
  • Monochromatic Theme -Keep things the same color or tone.
  • Seamless Design- Blend transitions use tile floor to ceiling.
  • Mirrored Wall – Strategic placement and reflect a window.
  • Recessed Niches or Shelves – Keep clean lines.
  • Pedestal Sinks – Keep things uncluttered.
  • Floating Vanities & Toilet- Open floor space expands the view.
  • Wet Rooms – Utilizing the same square footage for both fixtures saves space.
  • Open Showers – Keep bath clear from door swing and choose glass shower walls to provide depth of view.
  • Bright Lighting – Lighting whether natural or fixtures can brighten and expand the space.

The bathroom is the most visited room in the house by all the family members so make it a place to relax and refresh without feeling cramped.  Check out our web post Small Bathroom Ideas.