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Smart Devices for Plumbing Leaks

Feb 28, 2020 | Owings Mechanical

Plumbing Leak Smart Devices

Technology is advancing daily and included with all the smart devices a person can own they can now have smart plumbing leak detectors.  These new smart devices for homes could save your home from catastrophic water damage by notifying the homeowner if one of their pipes springs a leak.  Smart pipes will alert the homeowner from the start of a water leak before much damage can occur.  They have the ability to pinpoint exactly where the leak is located which provides quicker resolution for your plumber.

Smart home water monitors are easy to install and with the wifi, technology offers homeowners usage updates and potential leaks on their smart device.  An unexpected increase in water usage could possibly point to a plumbing leak.  With this type of monitoring system, you can benefit from detecting a leak sooner than later.  The Environmental Protection Agency claims that one trillion gallons of water are lost in America due to plumbing leaks.  Not only are we wasting a natural resource, encountering higher utility bills but water damage causes many thousands of dollars of damage to a home.  It just makes sense to include smart home technology for your home’s protection.

Plumbing Leak Alarm Systems

Flo by Moen Leak Detector

In the past wired and wireless alarm systems have detected leaks for consumers.  These alarms were placed in places that were the highest risk for plumbing leaks.  Such places as underneath sinks, behind toilets, under refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines as well as hot water heaters.  As helpful as these alarms systems are they only detect leaks in the most likely places.  We know that leaks can occur almost anywhere in a home including behind the wall or in the ceiling.  It would be impossible to have a water sensor on every pipe everywhere in a home.   The new smart leak detectors monitor the flow of water zeroing in on unusual water usage to alert homeowners that a problem may be in progress and need to be addressed.

For instance, if pipes are too close to an outer wall and they freeze the pipe could leak for some time before being noticed.  Especially if you are away from home and not able to notice any drywall damage or puddles forming.  With a smart water leak detector, you are notified of a leak on your device as soon as it is sensed. What comfort for homeowners offering added peace of mind.  Take a look at a review of top brands of smart leak detectors.

Aging Plumbing and Hoses

Many water damage claims are related to washing machines and broken supply hoses.  Out of sight, out of mind for most appliances and usually not updated with new hoses until a leak occurs.  Over time all washing machine hoses will break down.  Statistics reveal that the average lifespan of washer hoses is 9 years. Almost eighty percent fail before ten years.  Rubber hoses are the culprit and can be installed incorrectly causing crimping especially near the valve connection.  When a washing machine hose fails in the average home situation a possible 650 gallons per hour can spill out. Water heaters are another appliance that can leak great quantities of water.  Most hoses for either appliance are ignored until a failure occurs.

The age of your home can determine the type of pipes that supply water.  A home’s plumbing presents a problem since most pipes are hidden behind walls, ceilings, and worse concrete slabs. Corrosion rate can depend on the type of material that is used for the pipe and the chemistry of the water supply.  Corroded pipes will be more susceptible to bursting in below-freezing temperatures.  Taking stock of plumbing in a home prior to purchasing will help homebuyers to make the best decision for purchasing the home.  Prudence dictates you inquire about the age of the plumbing in a home prior to purchase.

Water Filters

Water softening and filtering systems are a solution to hard water that can be damaging to your home’s plumbing.  In most cases, you cannot change your water supply.  Good news, you can help the integrity of your plumbing by choosing to install a softening system.  Inorganic materials such as magnesium and calcium can stick to the walls of your pipes and lead to backups, plumbing leaks, and corrosion. Keep in mind that the water flowing through your pipes is eventually distributed to faucets, showerheads, dishwashers, washing machines and hot water heaters.  Hard water can cause these appliances and fixtures to wear out and break down sooner than expected.

Preventive care is ideal and water softening and filtering systems can do the job.  If you aren’t in the market to change out your pipes than replacing hoses to some of the appliances mentioned may save your home from possible water damage.  Still, no matter the age of your pipes or hoses a water filtration system may help with the chemical balance of your water.

Ultimately, a smart leak detector is a way to reduce damage from leaking plumbing in your home.  Reviews of water filtering systems.  Our master plumbers with Owings Mechanical can help you decide what is best for your home.