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Closet Accessories

Feb 18, 2020 | Closets and Storage

closet organization shelves, drawers and shoe rack

Storage and Closet Accessories

Being organized is key in most homes whether large or small but especially in a compact environment.  Space efficiency will offer most homeowners the room they need in lieu of adding to the home or moving.  When organizing your living space you will find there is so much more functional room to store and display your possessions.  We at Closets & Storage by Owings found that most homeowners have more space than they realize.  We can help you utilize your home’s square footage to its best advantage. Our storage systems and closet accessories have many configurations to fit your needs.

Do your closets have organizers built-in?  What a difference they can make in the amount of space you have for storage.  Our Design Specialists can offer ideas for all your closets.  There are many accessories that you can choose to create more space and bring efficient organization so that getting ready is a snap!

Home Organizers

Your wardrobe isn’t the only place that needs organization.  There is the laundry room, basement, garage, and mudroom to name a few others.  How much of your basement is piled high with stuff that causes you to struggle to find anything?  Most basements and garages become a catchall for seldom-used items like large platters, keepsakes, tools, holiday decorations, and such.  You probably dread having to locate that specific box needed and even when located the piles of stuff you must move to get to it!  We have a solution for all your storage needs even the basement and garage.

What about your pantry?  Do you have a pantry organized by shelves and baskets?  We can offer storage and organizational options for your kitchen pantry whether it’s a walk-in or a closet. Let us show you the space you gain with our closet accessories and organizational system.

Also, the laundry room can be a place where everything has a place.  We have various options from cabinets to shelves, fold-away ironing boards, and more.  Check out ideas for your garage and laundry room at our Home Storage Ideas page.

laundry room storage